All photography provided by photosbyLJK, LLC

We lead. We mentor. We take pictures. We utilize our voices + images to create a body positive perspective for all women. We OWN our flaws and insecurities. 


Our Mission…

To motivate, empower, and inspire all young and adult women to love themselves as is. This means embracing your insecurities; all of them. Exude confidence. We don’t PHOTOSHOP! Although we appreciate the women who have it together, our images captured, are about giving back to the women who need a boost. We utilize words to positively describe ourselves. These words are representation of what you may have already conquered or will focus on conquering, to become who you desire to be.

With our teen girls, we're helping their mothers mold them into extraordinary young adult women.

To the plus-sized woman, I’m considered skinny.
To the skinny woman, I’m considered thick.
To the thick woman, I’m not thick enough.
...but to ME, flaws and all, I’m just right!

— LaJune King, Founder + Visionary


To create a ripple. We're pretty ambitious. We have a few to list for you.

  • Know  YOUR Beautiful™ will reach women and/or teens within all 50 states. Thus far we can attest to about 40 states and 5 countries.
  • Create workshops  + outreach for teen girls + women specific to life essentials.
  • Expand our brand with more state ambassadors. Genuinely.
  • Save lives. Keep women looking forward to tomorrow. So often we forget that God created us in His image. 


  • Women Equality
  • Using our voice for good
  • Prom Sponsorship
  • Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Women Empowerment
  • Feeding the hungry
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • 40/50 states representation 
  • Making over 100 Women Smile
  • Support for random women throughout the year who need comfort
  • Body positive awareness within the community. 

WHen WE SHoot

Since 2013, photosbyLJK has been offering her professional services for Know Your Beautiful™. By doing so, she provides a) updated professional portraits b) a moment for yourself + c) a confidence boost. She shoots teen girls and women for a small fraction of what a regular priced photo session is with her. We shoot in Know Your Beautiful™ Tees simply because we believe in what God has gifted her with. You spend roughly $70 (including the tee unless you have a few) for professional portraiture, to receive the same amount of images, as you would purchasing a $395 session. Did we mention, professional portraiture? 

To completely speak to her campaign, she is only offering this service while wearing her Know Your Beautiful™ tees. The Know Your Beautiful™ campaign is always something to look forward to. Ah, we don't photoshop. Prep for your debut, but don't expect us to photoshop your body. We have so many Know Your Beautiful™ alumni who bring in new women to experience the feeling of self love.

This is an opportunity that only comes once a year. If shooting outside of the campaign is what you're looking for, i.e. headshots, lifestyle portraits, etc, please book through